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Discover the stars with our vast range of Astronomy Equipment.

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A fantastic first book on our Universe, this is the perfect companion for budding astronomers ages 6 and up eager to understand all about the Earth's place in space.Discover what a star is, how the Moon looks close up, and what tools astronomers use to look at space. Nature Explorer Night Sky encour...
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From the planets in our solar system to the constellations that brighten up the night skies, leaf through Nature Guide Stars and Planets, a beautiful guide to our solar system and beyond.Part of a new generation of compact natural history guides, Stars and Planets is expertly written and packed full...
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An invaluable, user-friendly guide to discovering and navigating the night sky every month.The Night Sky Month by Month offers charts for observing stars and constellations in both the northern and southern hemispheres at any time of the year. Positions of stars and planet locations for each month a...
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Follow astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins as they set off for the moon on one of history's most important missions. Learn about the people and spacecraft that came before Apollo 11 and have followed since, and discover what it takes to become an astronaut. Boost reading abil...
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Become a space traveler and explore our Solar System and the Universe beyond in a cool mini-encyclopedia that's packed with pictures.With space facts at your fingertips, Pocket Eyewitness Space makes learning about space fun. With more than 170 profiles on planets, stars, meteorites, and moons, you'...
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An accessible and inspirational astronomy guide that gives you all the knowledge you need to expand your understanding of the night sky.This guide explains and demystifies stargazing, teaching you to recognize different objects such as moons, comets, and asteroids, and explains how they move through...
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With a foreword by Maggie Aderin-Pocock, budding astronomers will love this stunning, new approach to stargazing, featuring step-by-step guides to identifying the key constellations across the northern hemisphere, StarFinder for Beginners makes the night sky easier to navigate than ever before.From ...
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Explore the awe-inspiring wonders of space and discover the most fascinating objects known to astronomy, from glittering star-birth nebulae to supermassive black holes.Stunning 3-D graphics chart all 88 constellations from Andromeda to Virgo, forming a complete map of the night sky. With incredible ...
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Bursting with fascinating facts and the latest breathtaking images, this space book for children brings the wonders of the Solar System to life. Find out about the never-ending storms on Jupiter. Learn about the towering volcanoes of Venus - all 1,600 of them, and see the Valles Marineris on Mars - ...
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In DK's unique activity collection kids explore space with the ultimate blend of facts and fun.Perfect for keeping little hands busy during rainy days or holidays, Ultimate Factivity Collection Space is packed with amazing facts and fun activities based on the stars, planets, and galaxies.Find out a...
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The visual effect of these new 8,5mm 82° LER eyepieces with their long eye-relief and their 82° apparent field is truly a full-immersion experience.  Your eye is relaxed, allowing you to easily use the averted vision technique to study faint details across a huge field-of-view. The 82° Series eyepie...
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Brand: Levenhuk
Levenhuk LabZZ Tellurion A visual aid for studying astronomy and geography Levenhuk LabZZ Tellurion is a 3D tabletop display model that shows how the Earth and Moon orbit the Sun. This simple mechanical model will help a child learn what causes the seasons change, why the Sun rises in the East and...
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