Levenhuk Strike 60 NG Telescope
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Levenhuk Strike 60 NG Telescope

£75.79 Price incl. VAT: £90.95

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Levenhuk Strike 60 NG is a wonderful telescope for children. Thanks to the Levenhuk Strike 60 NG Telescope, studying astronomy has never been easier. Straight from the box, without having to purchase additional accessories or spend hours setting it up, the Levenhuk Strike 60 NG allows you to see the lunar craters, sunspots, atmospheric flows of Jupiter and its four largest moons, phases of Venus, rings of Saturn, and binary stars with a separation of 2.5 arcseconds between their components, dim 10 magnitude stars, and even the bright nebulae and other galaxies.

This model was designed for any amateur astronomer, regardless of age. If you have never used a telescope and do not know where to start, then the Levenhuk Strike 60 NG is your best option. It can be used for both astronomical and terrestrial observations, is easy to set up, and, makes tracking stars easy with its altazimuth mount.

Levenhuk Strike NG Telescopes are a brand new series for amateur astronomers. Levenhuk Strike NG Telescopes are a wise choice for those who don’t want to spend time assembling and adjusting a telescope, or browsing through an expansive list of accessories. Apart from the telescope itself, you also get the optics for astronomical and terrestrial observations and educational astronomy references for both amateurs and more advanced users. All this makes the Levenhuk Strike NG Telescope an ideal choice for any beginning astronomer interested in science.

The kit includes everything you will need to make your observations fascinating and captivating. The informative handbooks and advanced software allow even a beginner to find the desired object in the night sky. This amazing telescope comes in a colourful box and would make a perfect gift for any aspiring astronomer, who would cherish it for many years to come.

The kit includes:

  • Levenhuk Strike NG Telescope on a Yoke mount with declination axis
  • Stainless steel tripod
  • 0.965″ plastic focuser
  • Two 0.965″ eyepieces: F20 mm, F6 mm
  • 3x Barlow lens
  • Red dot 3×20 finderscope
  • Diagonal mirror
  • “See it all!” Astronomer’s Handbook with descriptions of 280 celestial objects
  • Space Posters Set (Moon, Sun and Other Stars, Solar System)
  • Planisphere
  • Stellarium software CD to assist you during your astronomical observations
  • Compass
  • User manual and lifetime warranty


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