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Bounty Hunter

The BOUNTY HUNTER Padded Carry Bag protects your Bounty Hunter metal detector from the elements while in storage and in transit. Made of rugged double-stitched nylon, custom tailored to accommodate the BOUNTY HUNTER S-Rod configuration. Inside and outside...
Ex Tax:£34.99
Bounty Hunter’s Quick Silver was designed to be accurate and simple displaying only the most important buttons using an easy-to-read LCD display. No need to worry about adjusting complicated settings. Use the fully automatic ground balance with Squelch-Tech and the 4-segment digital target...
Ex Tax:£159.00
Bounty Hunter’s Metal Detector Sand Scoop is an essential accessory, whether you’re treasure hunting near a lake, or an archaeologist looking for artefacts on a coastline. Made of rugged plastic, this large Sand Scoop allows the sand to sift through filtering holes leaving only the tr...
Ex Tax:£27.99
This Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector enables you to use it over various terrains as it's Ground Trac system balances the detector depending on the soil condition automatically. Choose between Auto Notch and Variable Notch modes or select the 3-level iron discrimin...
Ex Tax:£250.00
The Bounty Hunter Pin Pointer is by far our most popular treasure hunting accessory. When extracting a buried metal object, the Pin Pointer saves time and eliminates frustration by pinpointing its exact location with an audio and vibration signal. This PinPointer is eas...
Ex Tax:£69.00
Welcome to the Professional category! High-end features in a mid-range detector. The Lone Star Pro comes with an 8" waterproof concentric coil with LCD display and touch-pad operation. Features include adjustable sensitivity and discrimination, 9 target ID categories, a...
Ex Tax:£189.99
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