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Cooking and Eating

Brand: Robens
Very lightweightStable pot supportLarge burner top for equally distributed heatFree-standing stove with high strength gas tubePerfect on uneven groundMesh bagFits into Robens Cookery KingPacksize: 7.5 x 9 cmWeight: 98 gSize: 14.5 cm x 7.5 cm (WxH)...
Ex Tax:£51.66
Brand: Robens
LightweightCompact pack sizeHigh enough to shelter a burner mounted on a gas cartridgeFoldableMesh bagPacksize: 21 x 8.5 x 1.3 cmWeight: 190 gSize: 21 x 58 cm (HxW)...
Ex Tax:£13.33
Brand: Robens
Light and compactHard protective case includedFits directly onto the gas cartridgeThe cartridge serves as the stove´s baseFlip-out pot supportPacksize: 7 x 4.5 x 4.5 cmWeight: 84 gSize: 9.5 x 9.5 cm (Dia.xH)...
Ex Tax:£18.75
Brand: Robens
Fit most storm cooker systemsFits into Robens Cookery KingLight and compactLarge burner top for equally distributed heatMesh bagWeight: 115 gSize: 8 x 5 cm (Dia.xH)...
Ex Tax:£33.33
Brand: Robens
The Robens Fire Midge is a diminutive little Titanium stove ideal for solo backpackers looking for the smallest and lightest possible load on their back. It's also very cost effective compared to similar stoves. Small enough and light enough to carry on a day walk for impromptu hot brews in the hill...
Ex Tax:£30.83
Brand: Robens
Stable pot support for safe cookingFoldaway foot/pot support for compact pack sizeFits into Robens Cookery KingFree-standing stove with braided stainless steel hosePerfect on uneven groundMesh bagPacksize: 7 x 6 cmWeight: 189 gSize: 12.8 x 7 cm (Dia.xH)...
Ex Tax:£30.83
Brand: Robens
The Cookery King storm cooker has a revolutionary design. Lightweight and tough, it is made from hard anodised aluminium and comes with a non-stick pan, two pots and a lid. The wide footprint ensures stability while the wrap-around side provide wind-resistance and the efficient burn of a choice of f...
Ex Tax:£70.83
Brand: General
Single-stage, 21mm clip-on type, Butane 29mb regulatorHas a sturdy collar and easy to use control knob for simple connection/disconnectionIncludes reinforced diaphragm capable of delivering up to 21kW/hIdeal for BBQs, patio heaters, cooking and camping appliances using 21mm Butane, clip-on type cyli...
Ex Tax:£8.20
Brand: General
Single-stage, screw-in type, Propane 37mb regulatorCombines compact robust design with superb performanceReinforced diaphragm capable of delivering up to 21kW/hIdeal for BBQs, patio heaters, cooking and camping appliances...
Ex Tax:£7.50
Brand: Summit
2Kw Burner with variable heat controlProtective windshieldAuto safety cut-outDimensions: 30x36x90cm...
Ex Tax:£9.95
Brand: General
152mm (6") Camping saucepanNon-stick coatingDepth: 40mm...
Ex Tax:£1.75
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