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Discover the fantastic world of the solar system with this three-dimensional mobile! You will be able to design your mobile on your own with the help of the instructions and thus experience data and information about our planetary and solar system in a playful...
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The new National Geographic Full-HD WIFI Action Camera Explorer 2 is a perfect Action Cam for beginners because the cost-benefit relation is rather good. The Full-HD WIFI Action Camera Explorer 2 is made for capturing your greatest moments on foto or video. So your greatest momen...
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The National Geographic Full-HD WIFI Action Camera is a perfect Action Cam for beginners because the cost-benefit relation is rather good. It is made for capturing your greatest moments on photo or video in 4k Ultra HD resolution. So your greatest moments are meant...
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You don't want to use your smartphone as an alarm clock, but still want to be woken up in time when travelling in the morning to make sure you don't miss an appointment? Then the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Radio World Time Clock is just the thing for you!No matter where you are, with this&nb...
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Ideal for your next camping holiday but also for your own garden! 6 bright LEDs and a built-in VHF radio make this lantern the perfect companion for your camping holiday. It is equipped with a sturdy metal handle for convenient carrying or suspending. Electricity is generate...
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In year 1969 the first space mission in the Apollo program landed on the moon! 50 years ago that is now... The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC moon lamp brings a piece of moon atmosphere back into your 4 walls! Create a great atmosphere and prepare for the anniversary year.&nb...
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This spotting scope provides a 60x magnification, so you can observe and discover the nature around you. It features an infinitely adjustable magnification from 20x to 60x. For better stability, you can use the included tripod. FEATURESZoom spotting ...
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The particularly handy NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 10x25 monocular is ideal for spontaneous observations. Whether for hiking, sport events, theater or concerts - you will quickly appreciate the advantages of this compact "telescope". Additionally the coated optics also ensure an appealin...
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This Weather Station features a modern design and clearly structured display, despite its compact dimensions. The display shows weather trends and indoor and outdoor temperature for upcoming days, as well as DCF-77-controlled date and time ...
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The Weather Expert provides a variety of weather information, which it receives directly from the outdoor sensors. The measured data is shown on the clearly structured display. Furthermore, moon phase, air pressure and sunrise/sunset times will be display...
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An ultra compact travel telescope with coated optics. The 50/360 telescope and the aluminum tripod can be conveniently stored into a small bag or backpack. Thus, this telescope is a perfect companion not only at home but also when travelling.FEATURESRefractor ...
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The 90/900 refractor telescope is a classic and can be used for either astronomy or nature observations (e.g. of wild animals). The long focal length (900 mm) makes the telescope a specialist for observing the moon, planets and bright objects outside our solar system. Saturn...
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